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Coaching is about establishing a partnership with you to create positive change. Through a process of self-awareness, strategic action and structured accountability, coaching leads you to reach your ultimate personal and/or professional potential. Unlike counseling, which focuses on the past to identify current struggles and obstacles, coaching starts with where you are now and focuses on where you want to next in your life.

Coaching helps you regain clarity and creates a life changing course for your future. We use proven processes that help you overcome barriers and limiting beliefs. During our individual, couple, group or corporate coaching sessions you will learn how to face your fears, overcome your failures and deal with unwanted emotions and thoughts. Coaching will help you personally and professionally define a vision, develop life-changing goals, discern action steps and discover lasting success.

Coaching empowers individuals, couples, families, organizations and businesses to live fulfilling and purposeful lives. At some point in your career, relationship or life you may find yourself hitting a roadblock, feeling stuck, becoming confused and losing your sense of direction. You may find yourself struggling with self-esteem, self-identity or self-confidence issues. Perhaps you battle depression, a disorder, and domestic issues or just feel defeated by not developing personally or professionally the way you want.

Coaching is for anyone who wants to make changes. All it takes is a willingness to face your challenges, focus on the right choices and figure out the necessary changes that are needed to take your life or leadership to the next level. You will develop a new level of confidence and clarity that will assist you in making healthy decisions now and in the future. The valuable strategies and tools you will learn will help your career, life and relationships, no matter the challenge.

Our individual, couple, group or corporate coaching programs are designed to help you discover solutions that bring change. Our experienced certified coaches engage you in high-energy sessions used to bring results. There are several coaching session options for you to choose from. The Isaak Life Firm provides coaching in person at our three locations: Montgomery, Troy and Enterprise, Alabama. We coach on-site, at an agreed upon public location. We also coach over the phone or virtually through the web.

Coaching is usually conducted over a series of sessions lasting 50 minutes to one hour. How many sessions you need depends on the type of coaching performed and what you desire to achieve. Our coaching approach is about lasting change, not a quick fix. Coaching sessions lasting 3,6,and 12 months show the most promise for our clients. The Isaak Life firm does offer half day and whole day intensives. Workshops and seminars are available for groups, organizations or businesses. We offer you a free introductory session called a coach’s consult. During this session we discover with you how coaching can be beneficial for you or your business and how we can help make changes.

Our individual, couple, group or corporate coaching programs are designed to help our clients discover solutions that bring change. Our firm coaches men, women, families, singles and teenagers. We coach young, mid-career and established professionals. Our coaching extends to companies, organizations, churches, sports teams and businesses.