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Friday  Jun 22nd 2018


Join us June 22nd to get presentations from 3 of the leading experts in the industry. We will teach you how to apply these strategies and resources in your business. To Attend Instructor: Dr. Tim Martin Mastering Communication and understanding the difficult demands, needs and cultural dynamics of people, leaders, organizations and how to tailor your message for maximum impact. Instructor: Keith Hoffert–eightfifty:media & Business Radio X Studios, TV and On Air Personality Creating Interactive Story Telling, Brand Engagement and maintaining your company presence across multiple digital platforms. Live Streaming and how to make it work for your Business /Brand. How to create passive income from content you are already creating. Instructor: Paul Vizard- Owner & Producer, 30A Media-30A TV Network and Distribution and Monetization. How to get your message to your customers directly. The art of the interview and content as a lead generator. Channel Design and Monetization.

You will Leave Knowing How to Tell Your Story, Reach Your Customers, Produce Video and Audio Content to Market Your Business & Where to Distribute Your Message in Today’s Digital World

You Will Receive The Following:

30 sec elevator speech fully produced- $500 5 min high quality 4k film produced with 100% right to use. 20 business winning video tips – $100 Value 5 Drone Tips for your business Why you should be using them if….for your $100 Value 20 business web tips to get you more business-$50 Value 20 media and PR tips- $50 Value 1 FB Live Interview on BNTV- $1500.00 Value Streamed Across our FB Network and Yours 1 Live Stream Interview BRX Radio – $750 Value Streamed Across our Networks your own webcam so that you can get started immediately making content for your business. $39.00 Value Presentations from 3 of the leading experts in the industry. More Info and how to sign up:

I’M NOT SURE? Know the Answers/Live the Answers!!

My Life? My Business? My Career? My Relationship? My Company? My Habits? My Leadership? My Choices? My Decisions? My Focus? My Finances? My Kids? My Future? My Options? My Approach? My Speaking Skills? My Next Move? My Strategy? My Strengths/Weaknesses? My Reactions? My Fears? My Marriage? MY Motivation? My Problems? My Solution? My Management Skills? My ETC?

I’M NOT SURE?: I need to know what to..when to..

We want to help you know the answers and live the answers!! Schedule your individual or teams, FREE I’M NOT SURE? CONSULT SESSION. This a hour long session to relax, review and recommend your next steps.

Schedule through contact page, or calling 334-262-8200 **Sessions are in office or by phone.


Are you stuck in a rut or at a crossroads in your life or leadership?

Do you have repeated problems or patterns in your relationships or career?

Would you like to change direction or gain a vision for your life or business?

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The mission of the Isaak Life Firm is to help you live a changed life. This passion motivates our coaches to help you create a life changing course for your future that leads to a fulfilling and purposeful life. Positive change occurs when we help you face your challenges, focus on the right choices and follow through with the necessary steps that lead your life and leadership to the next level.



The Shakespeare Principle: The source and solution!

What you BELIEVE determines how you BEHAVE. How you BEHAVE determines what you BECOME. To be, or not to be, that is the question. I call it the Shakespeare Principle. I have used,

Competence vs Character? The Challenge and Choice

Competence vs Character?  What if I must choose one over the other? I acknowledge the challenge  in measuring them. First, there are no 100% full proof hiring processes or procedures that measure character

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