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Career change or transitions normally fall into 3 categories; want, need, and must. Our career coaching services help client with career discovery, decisions, development, change, challenges, transitions, growth, and interviews, resume, and salary negotiations.  We can help you experience career success in 16 words are less


Each component has its own explanations, applications and goals. However, when synced together in one pursuit our ultimate potential, significance, and satisfaction are engaged? The outcome produces an MVP kind of results for a professional and a championship kind of success for employers, companies, and organizations who have these kinds of players on their team. Be one! Hire one!

Public Speaking & Communication Coaching

“WE DON’T WANT YOU TO DIE” On the list of the things Americans fear the most, public speaking is #1. The fear of death is #5 and loneliness is #3. Here is what that tells me. If most people had to choose between getting up in front of people to speak or just die, most would cry, “give me death.” A recent Harris poll featured in the Harvard Business Review surveyed top managers and leaders in companies and corporations. RESULTS?? In the poll 69% of them indicated, they lack the ability and confidence to communicate effectively and publicly to their employees and those they lead. WOW and WOW!! This could be the solution for many issues you or your business or company may be facing #PUBLICSPEAKING #COMMUNICATIONCOACHING Phone or/in Office, Facetime, and On-line  #334-262-8200

I’M NOT SURE? Know the Answers/Live the Answers!!

My Life? My Business? My Career? My Relationship? My Company? My Habits? My Leadership? My Choices? My Decisions? My Focus? My Finances? My Kids? My Future? My Options? My Approach? My Speaking Skills? My Next Move? My Strategy? My Strengths/Weaknesses? My Reactions? My Fears? My Marriage? MY Motivation? My Problems? My Solution? My Management Skills? My ETC?

I’M NOT SURE?: I need to know what to..when to..

We want to help you know the answers and live the answers!! Schedule your individual or teams, FREE I’M NOT SURE? CONSULT SESSION. This a hour long session to relax, review and recommend your next steps.

Schedule through contact page, or calling 334-262-8200 **Sessions are in office or by phone, or Facetime and on-line


Are you stuck in a rut or at a crossroads in your life or leadership?

Do you have repeated problems or patterns in your relationships or career?

Would you like to change direction or gain a vision for your life or business?

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The mission of the Isaak Life Firm is to help you live a changed life. This passion motivates our coaches to help you create a life changing course for your future that leads to a fulfilling and purposeful life. Positive change occurs when we help you face your challenges, focus on the right choices and follow through with the necessary steps that lead your life and leadership to the next level.



Company Success Is More About…

Company success is less about the kind of talent show performed when hiring, or all the talent talk ideas and suggestions centered around how best to develop it; not even, the inspiring narcissistic

Welcome to the Jungle! “Survival in Today’s Teenage Culture”

I see troubling trends competing for the #1 spot in teen culture today. Sadly, no positive rewards are reaped from getting to this spot. No trophies for victory, only-tragedy, trouble, potential victims and

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