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I’M NOT SURE? Know the Answers/Live the Answers!!

My Life? My Business? My Career? My Relationship? My Company? My Habits? My Leadership? My Choices? My Decisions? My Focus? My Finances? My Kids? My Future? My Options? My Approach? My Speaking Skills? My Next Move? My Strategy? My Strengths/Weaknesses? My Reactions? My Fears? My Marriage? MY Motivation? My Problems? My Solution? My Management Skills? My ETC?

I’M NOT SURE?: I need to know what to..when to..

We want to help you know the answers and live the answers!! Schedule your individual or teams, FREE I’M NOT SURE? CONSULT SESSION. This a hour long session to relax, review and recommend your next steps.

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Are you stuck in a rut or at a crossroads in your life or leadership?

Do you have repeated problems or patterns in your relationships or career?

Would you like to change direction or gain a vision for your life or business?

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The mission of the Isaak Life Firm is to help you live a changed life. This passion motivates our coaches to help you create a life changing course for your future that leads to a fulfilling and purposeful life. Positive change occurs when we help you face your challenges, focus on the right choices and follow through with the necessary steps that lead your life and leadership to the next level.



I’m OK, HELP!!

Why do we tell people we’re ok, when in truth, things in our life, career, business or relationships, ARE NOT OK? I have never met one successful difference maker that excluded the word,

Keeping The Profit In Nonprofits

Let’s face it!! Nonprofit organizations and entities live and die by the funds raised through donors, strategic partnerships, strategic initiatives and events. Most nonprofits are struggling to attain their financial goals during this

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